Wildbare and Natural

At Wildbare and Natural we have an ancestral approach to modern day health issues. Clean living, organic, natural food and common sense is our approach to achieving vitality and well-being.

Using nutrition to address your diet, you will have a fresh, new outlook, hope, and energy. You will learn how to eat so that your body can function the way it was designed to – with effortless energy. Take the steps to vibrant health and enquire about booking an initial consultation now.  

Attend our workshops to take the first steps to a healthier life, you can find out the latest dates here

We also produce raw chocolate, probiotic drinks like Kombucha and Water Kefir and a range of sauerkrauts and fermented vegetables to benefit your gut health. Get better from the inside out!

You can find a range of Wildbare and Natural products at Margaret Hills Health and Lifestyle store at  7 Millar Court, 43 Station Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1J. Opposite Waitrose. Give them a ring to see what they currently have in stock (+44) (0)1926 850019. 

Drop us an email if you would also like to stock our products. 


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You can find some of our recipes we create for food, ferments and skincare we use at Wildbare and Natural on our blog here.