Paleo Pancakes

Paleo Pancakes

Paleo Pancakes

It was recently Shrove Tuesday. When I was a child we'd never wait until then for pancakes. We always had batter ready in the fridge and my sister was great at frying up a load whenever we felt like a snack, which was often! At one point I even wanted to call my first dog Pancake, but as it worked out she arrived ready named 'Luna' in full greyhound form.  

I've played around with a few pancake recipes now, they have all been good. When I was still strictly following AIP I made some interesting gelatin plantain pancakes. But my search has continued for pancakes that remind of the ones my sister made when we were children. I've messed around with proportions, added in other ingredients etc. etc. ad infinitum. Now I have one I'm happy with, easy ratios to make and easier to demolish! You'll need a blender (I use this one here) and you'll need to make smaller pancakes than you would do traditionally in Britain. After all there isn't any gluten (note the glue bit of that word!) I've found a rather mean pancake flipper too which is pretty much the exact size of the pancakes I make, makes the whole process much easier. I use a chapati pan for this, no lips to the edge of the pan so much better to manoeuvre your pancake.

One last wary of adding too much coconut end up with scrambled pancakes, perfectly delicious, less perfectly pancakey! 


This recipe makes about 3-4 pancakes depending on the size.


  • Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. 
  • Heat your pan and add the coconut oil.  
  • Add 1/2 cup of pancake batter onto your hot pan.  
  • Pop a large saucepan lid over your pancake. This helps it to cook more evenly, makes it easier to flip and even gives it a lighter texture. Cook it like this for about a minute.
  • Lift the saucepan off and flip your pancake. Don't worry too much if this bit doesn't go quite's all going to get mushed up in your stomach anyway and it certainly doesn't affect the flavour. The more you make these gluten free pancakes the more you get the knack of them.
  • Allow to cook.
  • Serve!  

NB You can add maple syrup, lemon and honey or my personal favourite berries, coconut yogurt and honey. My mum always made a nice stewed spiced apple compote which would work well too.