Coconut Yoghurt

Coconut Yoghurt

Being dairy-free has it's challenges. There are alternatives to most things, it's just a case of figuring out how to make them and which ones are worth making. Coconut has been fantastic at bridging that gap. When I was full AIP and I couldn't have any nuts, coconut sorted me out. It provided my milk, cream and yoghurt. Coconut yoghurt is a staple in our house, we always have a big jar going in the fridge and we're always dipping into for sweet and savoury meals. Late night snacks consist of berries, bee pollen and coconut yoghurt. Coconut raita dip will accompany salads etc. I'll throw a big splodge of it into my smoothies.

Coconut has amazing health properties they are a rich source of MCTs (medium chain tryglycerides), these are metabolised in a different way to other saturated fats. They are very quickly turned into energy by the liver or turned into ketone bodies which have numerous beneficial effects on our health. Sarah Myhill talks a lot about ketones in her book. Coconut is also a source of caprylic acid, calpric acid and lauric acid; these are antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal. 

This yoghurt is so easy to make, I make a batch every week to week and a half and just use a spoon of the last batch to use a starter for the new batch.  



  • Put the creamed coconut into a high powdered blender (I use this one here) with the boiling water. Blend until smooth. 
  • Add the cold water on and sprinkle the gelatin on top of the cold water. Leave for a few minutes to bloom. 
  • Blend until mixed.  
  • Add the tablespoon of coconut yoghurt. I always use some from the last batch. Blend.  
  • Pour the mixture into a yoghurt maker and leave for 8hrs. If you don't have a yoghurt maker you could put it into a jar, cover with kitchen roll and leave in a warm place.  
  • Spoon the yoghurt into a jar after 8hrs and store in the fridge.