Nourishing Tea

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I've never been a big tea drinker, even before the big dietary re-track. I liked the occasional Pukka (I still have a very varied collection of those beauties) but one tea has been my constant companion this last year and a half. It is my portable hug in a mug, actually this is my favourite.....I have two (but that one will be in a later post more along the lines of healing teas) 

Lemon and ginger is known to be a good comforting tea, you just have to remember the amazing properties of homemade lemon and honey when your all stuffed up with cold. We all know how great ginger is for helping a dodgy tum. This is lemon and ginger tea....upgraded!

Lemon is said to be very detoxing and a great alkaliniser for those of you with naturopathic leanings. It is said to strengthen your immune system, cleanse your digestive system and purify the blood. In addition to that it has a whole array of nourishing vitamins and minerals. The ginger is a great anti-inflamatory, anti-spasmodic and has also been found to help with give cancer cells the boot! Tumeric is anti-inflamatory, anti-cancer to name a few! 

Now for the even more magic ingredients.....Hydrolysed collagen (pasture fed) is great for healing a leaky gut and does untold wonders for your skin and bone health. Something I personally found was it helped regrow my hair! Now I haven't found any documentation on this but when I was at my worst my hair was falling out and looking pretty thin, I started using collagen and slowly my hair grew back again. I don't know if it will have this effect on everybody but its worth a shot if it's an issue your suffering from. 

D-Ribose is something i've read a lot about, Sarah Myhill talks about it a lot in her book Sustainable Medicine. It is raw cellular energy; it's what glucose would be broken down into to get into the cell. It needs a whole load of vitamins to assist the ATP process (the chemical process which captures energy from food molecules and converts it into fuel for our cells) but it's something worth looking into if you're consistently suffering with low energy. Sarah Myhill has a lot of info on this on her website, worth a read.

Lecithin (I use sunflower lecithin as I try to avoid Soy) is a good source of phospholipids. Phospholipids are the stuff your cell walls are made from and lecithin has been found to support the liver and heart. Naturopaths say it helps us to digest fats in the diet. 

Nourishing Tea


You can keep refilling with hot water throughout the day, the flavour just keeps coming through. 

Here's the flask which is my trusty companion, I refill this 3-4 times a day with hot water (and some cold....I like luke warm tea, I know it's weird) you don't need to add anymore ingredients, I just give it a shake and i'm good to go.